About the Mugen Silent Hub

Coming soon..

We have been working on a new hub expected for mid 2020. Here's the information we are revealing at this time:

Drive Mechanism: Roller Clutch Mechanism - Silent no friction drive

Bearings: All bearings sealed 6902

Design: Modular design, drive mechanism resides inside the freehub.

Freehub: No compromises Steel for all type of drives. No more digging cogs.

Compartmentalize: All wear components, including drive side bearings, reside inside the freehub to ensure the laced hubshell lasts you forever. We learned from our out of bounds long adventures, that the hubshell should be prioritized to avoid re-lacing against its chance of failure.

Assembled in Canada: Proudly assembled in British Columbia, brings you quick accessibility for parts and close quality control

2020/05/09 Update:

Check our detailed Press Release, also available in other bike news sites:



2019/07/01 Update:

Example Scenario: You are on your long bikepacking journey, A slashed tire can be bush-patched/replaced with a spare tire on the spot, or at a local shop. A spill can have your bars bent, which can be addressed as above. A bent rim can be straightened / trued. A replacement derailleur hanger/chain/link will test your proud bush-skills to the max. But a broken pawl/drivering/ratchet will make you feel powerless walking your way to civilization - while a new wheel is the solution that lingers on your thoughts. With the Mugen, you can carry a spare freehub assembly (with it the main bearing and drive mechanism) and its as easy as:

Dismount wheel -> Dismount cassette -> Pop off freehub -> Pop in spare Freehub -> Mount Cassette/wheel -> Carry on smug.