Rear Sixer Aggressive All Round Gravity Wheel

Rear Sixer Aggressive All Round Gravity Wheel

The Sixer wheelset, as the name implies, is designed for 26" MTB applications, such as Dirt Jumping, Slope, Trials MTB, Hardcore Street MTB, and OldSchool DH - Is the jack of all trades for gravity riding.


The rim design is focused on overall ruggedness, with a thick profile and premium alloy construction, its meant to withstand impacts and twists. While we focused on the strength and durability, we didn't skimp on the weight. Laced with premium Sapim spokes, nipples, and washers, and paired with our Shogun hubs, the wheelset is only shy of 1900g.


This wheelset is paired with a full size HG freehub to run full gears if needed, or you can run single speed with the a SS kit. You can even order XD drive freehub if you need for some reason.



For those ordering standard rear 10x135mm or front 9x100mm QR spec, note that you will need thru-axles such as these in this link. They are fully compatible with open vertical/horizontal dropouts, and run much stiffer than quick release.


The Sixer Wheelset features

  • Hand laced, yielded-stress-relieved in Metro Vancouver, Canada.
  • TAIRIN premium alloy 25mm wide rims front / back.
  • The Shōgun hub sets. You can mix and match front and rear sizes. (15x100 | 9x100 mm front axles with 12x142 | 10x135 mm rear axles). Hubs are able to convert to boost spacing with adapters for future-proofness.
  • TORQUE CAPS (For RockShox) available for front hubs 15x100mm please add them to your order following this link here.

(For more information about our TAIRIN rims and hub sets, please check product technicals)


This wheelset comes with a set of options for spoke and nipple combinations:

  • Race / Alloy - For optimal balance of strength, durability, and weight, we offer the wheelset with Sapim Race 2.0-1.8-2.0mm double butted spokes. Paired with the Sapim Poylax alloy nipples. Butted spokes are more elastic in its thin section, which migrate stresses on its ends better than straight spokes.


Nipples - Sapim Poylax

The new school of alloy nipples by Sapim are superior in durability and strength than traditional brass nipples. We find these modern alloy nipples excellent against corrosion, and less prone to deformation. Not all alloy nipples are made the same, and in this case, we concluded that the modern 7075 alloy Poylax is a much better option, but we still offer brass nipples for those unconvinced; just let us know. All nipples come in black.


Spoke count

We tested 28 spoke wheels and came to conclusion that the weight savings are very minimal compared to the significant loss of durability and overall support by having 4 less spokes compared to the traiditional 32 count. Therefore all of our MTB wheelsets come with standard 32 spoke count per wheel.


Brake Fitting options

All wheelsets come with standard 6-bolt brake mount. We are sticking to this ISO standard so that we can offer conversion kits to futureproof any of the hubs across all axle spacing standards.


Decal Colors

Select between standard and premium decals. Click here to view the current color availability chart, and dont forget to fill in your choice in the last comment box. If you choose premium decals, make sure you select the premium option in the drop down menu. Standard decals have no extra cost.


Hand laced wheels

Our wheels are hand laced in Surrey, BC. and we use multiple traditional methods of spoke yielding-stress-relieving, so that when you receive your wheel, you can rest assured that there is no seat in periods, or spokes losing tension in initial rides - these which would require re-tensioning like machine and poorly built wheels.


Premium hand built wheels requiere dedication and take much longer than machine built, but the accuracy and attention to detail produced by the traditional way is one of the key aspects that makes Tairin wheels superior. By choosing Tairin Wheels, rest assured that every wheel has been hand crafted by a master wheel builder, so you get the best quality and labour, at the best deal out there.


Any questions and inquiry can be addressed by contacting us.

  • Specifications

    Wheel Size 26"
    Tire recommendation 1.95"~2.5" Tubeless or Tube
    External Rim Width 32mm
    Internal Rim Width 25mm
    Rim Depth 21mm
    Hubs Tairin Shōgun 
    Bearings Sealed Cartridge
    Engagement 96 Point, 6-Pawl, 3 Steps/Pawl
    Spokes Sapim Race (Black)
    Spoke Nipples Sapim Poylax Alloy (Black) with HM washers
    Spoke Count 32h
    Base Weight 1895g/set
    Recommended Use DJ, Trials, DH, Street
    Hub Warranty 3 Years
    Rim Warranty 3 Years
    Rim Crash Replacement 5 Years


Wheel Size
Rear Axle Configuration
Freehub Option
Decal Color (refer to the paragraph about colors)