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Rear Road Reza Wheel (18mm internal width)

Rear Road Reza Wheel (18mm internal width)

Tradition meets modernity with the Reza wheels. The Reza consists of a symmetrical 2-cross 20 spoke front wheel, and an asymmetrical 2-cross 24 spoke rear: to acomodate the wheel center offset caused by modern 12sp road cassettes allowing balanced spoke tensions between left and right flanges.


Hand laced in-house with proprietary techniques to ensure no truing or re-tensioning necessary.


The Reza wheels features

  • Hand laced, yielded-stress-relieved in Metro Vancouver, Canada.
  • TAIRIN premium 6069-T6 aged alloy 18mm internally wide rims front / back.
  • Modern rim profile, Tubeless compatible, with a symmetrical front rim while featuring an asymmetrical rear rim to archive higher spoke tensions on the rear left flange.
  • The Reza QR traditional hub set. EZO bearings, and a robust 10deg engaging hub designed for the least amount of mantenience. Front 9x100mm QR | Rear 10x130mm QR
  • Various combinations of Sapim spokes and nipples to tailor to your riding demand.

(For more information about our TAIRIN rims and hub sets, please check product technicals)

This wheelset comes with a set of options for spoke and nipple combinations:

  • Race/ Brass- For optimal balance of strength, durability, and weight, we offer the wheelset with Sapim Race 2.0-1.8-2.0mm double butted spokes. Paired with the Sapim Poylax Brass nipples. Butted spokes are more elastic in its thin section, which migrate stresses on its ends better than straight spokes.
  • CX-Ray / Brass - For light and weight conscious riders. Best performance in weight-to-strength ratio. This combination is the lightest but still provides a very solid platform for all terrain riding. The CX-Ray spoke is flat-bladed, well known for its flexibility to migrate stresses from its ends, and its aerodynamic. This combination is 45g lighter per wheel, 90g lighter as a whole set.


Nipples - Sapim Poylax

Brass is back as the default option due to popular demand! No fuss brass to end all worries related to corrosion from selant or road salt, and fatigue failure. With a modern profile, Sapim's Polyax shaped nipples are the perfect choice for high end builds. Alloy Polyax nipples are available upon request (we had no problems with Sapim's 7075-T6 alloy nipples, but brass is 100% guarantee trouble free; and folks say its worth the smallest weight gain) All nipples come in black.


Brake Fitting options

The Reza wheelset is for traditional rim-type brakes, and wont accomodate for disc.


Decal Colors

Select between standard and premium decals. Click here to view the current color availability chart, and dont forget to fill in your choice in the last comment box. If you choose premium decals, make sure you select the premium option in the drop down menu. Standard decals have no extra cost.


Hand laced wheels

Our wheels are hand laced in Surrey, BC. We use multiple traditional methods of spoke yielding-stress-relieving and tension balancing, so that when you receive your wheel, you can rest assured that there is no seat in periods, or spokes losing tension in initial rides - these which would require re-tensioning like machine and poorly built wheels.


Premium hand built wheels requiere dedication and take much longer than machine built, but the accuracy and attention to detail produced by the traditional way is one of the key aspects that makes Tairin wheels superior. By choosing Tairin Wheels, rest assured that every wheel has been hand crafted by a master wheel builder, so you get the best quality and labour, at the best deal out there.


Any questions and inquiry can be addressed by contacting us.

  • Specifications

    Wheel Size 700c
    Tire recommendation

    18c~28c - max 125 PSI

    External Rim Width 22mm
    Internal Rim Width 18mm
    Rim Depth 24mm
    Hubs Tairin Reza
    Bearings Sealed Cartridge
    Engagement 36 Point, 6-Pawl, 2 Steps/Pawl
    Spokes Sapim Race or CX-Ray (Black)
    Spoke Nipples Sapim Alloy (Black)
    Spoke Count F20h | R24h
    Base Weight Front 602g | Rear 798g | Total 1400g
    Recommended Use Road
    Hub Warranty 3 Years
    Rim Warranty 3 Years
    Rim Crash Replacement 5 Years
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