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Tairin S1 Rear Standard Hub

Tairin S1 Rear Standard Hub

**Released Jan 25, 2023. Tech documents and service guides coming very soon**


This is the new Tairin hub, with the modular silent S1 drive configuration. Featuring ring gears that dissengage when freewheeling for a complete silent ride. 


The Tairin hub can swap between the S1 and R1 drives without tools (the magnetic ratcheting R1 drive kit is not included and can be purchased separately).


Convertible between most axle standards, we have 4 platform models:


-Standard: that can be converted between: 12x142mm, 10x135mm, 12x135mm (on request) and boosted with a kit to 12x148mm

-Boost: (native at 12x148mm) that can run 10x141QR and can be Superboosted to 12x157mm with our unique SB kit here

-Super Boost: (natie at 12x157mm) which can convert to 10x150mm, 12x150mm (on request)

-Single Speed Specfic: 10x135mm, 12x142mm, 12x135mm (on request) which features a short freehub for chainline adjustment and a non-dished symmetrical & centered wheel build. 


This is the Standard platform model.


Designed with strength as the top priority, the Tairin hub's S1 and R1 drive modes both feature ring gears that apply all their teeth disposed around the ring during torque transmission. The full meshing of teeth around the rings allows maximum surface contact, for the highest torque transfer-to-mechanism weight ratio. 


Because of the abundance of technological benefits with the Tairin S1 (and R1) hub, we have a dedicated page that goes in detail on all of the characteristics. Please check it out in the product technical section here.


This hub has no torque/weight rating. And suits all bicycle disciplines.


Hub dimensions for spoke length calculator here


Disclaimer: because of the nature of the silent hub S1 having the ring gears dissengaged and fully apart when freewheeling, (rarely) sometimes when re-engaging at standstill/crawling speeds, there can be one audible click due to the teeth of the rings meeting tip to tip (and jumping to the next tooth set). This is per design and only happens once in a while. It doesn't happen when re-engaging at normal/fast speeds, or when fully engaged, and otherwise is fully silent on all occasions.


  • Key Features

    • Silent freewheeling allows the auditory sense to pick up other sounds like tire grip and other bike behaviors at speed.
    • Floating Engagement Index: the dissengaged rings have a fixed degree of freehub movement forwards before engaging, which helps counter the effect of pedal kickback from chain growth in some frame suspension designs.
    • Snap on end-caps allow tool-less removal of freehub 
    • Bearing preload adjustment in the form of washers: set once and forget.
    • Sealed Cartridge Bearings, with a large standard bearing connecting the freehub to the hubshell that addresses any flex between both, making the drivetrain feel stiff and predictable.
    • self-contained and small drive modules removable without tools, allows the option to carry a spare drive kit for precaution in multi-day excursions or trips away from home.
    • swappable on the fly between silent (S1) and ratcheting (R1) modes on the same hub and freehub.
  • Hub Specs

    Model Tairin (S1 mode) Standard Rear
    Axle Dim. (mm) 12x142, 10x135
    Sealed Cartridge
    Bearings (SB)
    Weight 350g
    Freehub Body AL7075 – compatible with Shimano HG (traditional)
    Sram XD and Shimano Microspline
    Clutch Type Silent Ring Gear S1
    Engagement Degree 8 Degrees
    Color Black
    Spoke 32h, 28h - J-Bend spokes
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