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Shogun 4th Gen Rear Hub Diagram

The Shogun hub series features a 96 teeth ratchet ring. These are precisely machined from A2 tool steel, and screwed onto the hub shell. Tested to perform beyond the standard life cycles expected on a hub, the high count of teeth allows more surface contact between the ratchet and the pawls, with less void between the teeth profile to pawl profile. Using clever geometry, and a pyramid shaped profile, we developed a way to transfer the load without teeth wear. The higher teeth count means higher articulation with the positions where the drive mechanism engages; 96 points of engagement means that there is 3.75 degrees per click.

Drive Mechanism




Using a traditional method to provide pawl return, each Pawl is supported by its independent leaf spring. Being independent, there is no spring load variation as the 6 mechanisms are independent to each other, limiting the chances of having pawls not fully engaging. The springs are designed with light preload, and are to ensure initial contact of the pawls to ratchet. the rest of the engagement its guided by a sprag-like wedging mechanism - light spring load translates to less friction and less wear on the teeth surface.

The 6 pawl simultaneous engagement means that all of the pawls are engaged at every instance. Unlike systems with two groups of 3-Pawls with offset engagement seen on other systems (which can run double the engagement to ratchet teeth count) there are more continuous points of contact to transfer power from drive to wheel. More over, each Pawl has a 3 step design, which means that there are actually 18 constant points of engagement. The pawls rotate in place like a sprag, and thus allowing an indexed wedging mechanism, The heavier the load, the stronger the contact points.

Shogun MK4 w_ Microspline.jpg


Axle Compatibility 

Our hubs are compatible with all modern axle sizing:


  • 15x100mm Front - 12x142mm Rear (convertible to 9x100mm Front – 10x135mm Rear) (2019 now boostable with our booster kit)

  • Boost 15x110 Front – 12x148mm Rear (2020 now superboostable 12x157mm with our SB kit


Due to the slot axle design, the end caps are interchangeable, thus our non boost hubs can convert to older spacing, 9x100mm Front – 10x135mm Rear. The front 9x100 is a thru-axle style that works on standard QR dropouts (made for Trials riders and vintage XC forks). Rear 10x135mm is also through axle and will work with horizontal or vertical dropouts alike.

For 2020 the standard hubs will be boost adaptive with a conversion kit, and the boost hubs will be superboostable.

Brake Compatibility 

Available in IS6 6-Bolt disc mount pattern

Drive Compatibility

Compatible with both Shimano HG, Microspline, and Sram XD Drive.

Freehubs are removable by hand after end cap is removed. This allows service and swapping of the freehub body a very minimal task.

  • 6 Pawl Ratchet with 96 tooth engagement (3.75 degrees)

  • 6 pawl constant engagement with 3 steps per pawl (not alternating 3 to 3 pawls)

  • Sealed Cartridge Bearings

  • Machined from 6061-T6 cold forged aluminum.

  • snap-on axle caps allow quick service disassembly of hub

  • International Standard 6-Bolt disc

  • Large contoured convex flanges let spokes sit flush to bracing angles.

  • New standard on performance and reliability

Summary Of Key Features - 4rd Gen hubs

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