About the Silent Hub - Now Dual Drive Modular

Introducing the new modular Tairin hub with two interchangeable drive mechanisms. The S1 mode features a silent face gear drive. The R1 mode features a magnetic face gear ratcheting drive.

- Both mechanisms are interchangeable without tools.
- Both mechanisms can be serviced trail side, without tools, and are designed so that nothing will fall out and be lost during the process.
- A spare drive of either mechanism can be purchased as a backup.  This is great when heading out on multi-day excursions or trips away from home. Although the mechanisms are engineered to ensure trouble free use with minimal service, and are designed with a minimal number of parts, the modular concept allows the rider to be prepared for the unexpected. 
- The mechanism interface to the hubshell is designed to be 4x more durable than the industry standard, far surpassing even the durability requirements for the new generation of e-bikes.
- Both mechanisms were engineered and designed with a focus on durable performance and simplicity, while using a minimal number of parts.
- Both mechanisms are patent pending globally. 


Assembled and partially manufactured in Canada 
Proudly assembled in British Columbia, with internal components further manufactured in-house, to bring you quick
accessibility for parts and close quality control

- The weight for either S1 or R1 configuration is 360g
- The hub will come on the following native specs:
  .12x148mm Boost 32 and 28 holes
  .12x142mm 32 and 28 holes

  .10x135mm 32 and 28 holes  with the E-Thru system
  .10x141mm Boost 32 and 28 holes (for open dropout) with the E-Thru system
  .12x157mm Superboost 32 and 28 holes
  .Single Speed 10x135mm 32 and 28 holes with a short HG drive and the E-Thru 
- And the freehub choices of Traditional Shimano HG, Shimano Microspline, and Sram XD Drive
- As with all our hubs, the Booster (142->148) and Superbooster (148->157) adaptive kits can be applied to this hub

Finally Coming 2022