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Designed and built in Canada, Tairin Wheels brings you top spec hubs, high end rims, and Canadian hand laced wheelsets. Our wheel builds don't require re-tensioning and stay true - guaranteed.

Our main products are alloy wheelsets. We design and make our own Hubs, Rims, and use Sapim spokes.

Please take a time to go through our site - Our technical section talks about our designs. Here's a little about our products:

  • Hubs have very high specs, but are relatively simple and easy to work on and maintain. Machined overseas but assembled, QC'ed, and finished in house Surrey, BC.

  • Rims of our own design and specs.

  • Wheelsets hand laced in-house by our master wheel-builder. Tairin wheels don't need a seat-in period, and do not require spoke re-tensioning or initial truing.

About Tairin Wheels

Tairin Wheels is Canadian made, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We specialize on high performance bicycle wheels. 

Engineer owned, with a mission to create wheels that push your cycling performance, with the best hub and rim designs - paired with artisan hand-lacing techniques only attainable through custom master wheel-builders. We believe in an systematic engineering approach to produce components that reach the best possible level in terms of performance, and consider cost-affordability as part of the equation.



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