About Us

Tairin Wheels is based in Vancouver BC. Canada. This small but elite team consists mainly of designers and engineers. Being small is actually our strength, by keeping costs down, you can enjoy the best quality at the greatest deals.

We are very passionate about wheels and have extensive experience in building them. From hubs to carbon and alloy rims, we give you the best designs and because this is an engineer owned company, we have no limitations in the way we design our products. This gives us the freedom to innovate regardless of profit margins and research budgets.

While we produce great designs and do all wheel lacing by hand traditionally and in-house, we also have aggressive pricing. This is possible because of the small-dynamic team that operates Tairin Wheels. Tairin members wear different hats in the company, each taking care of many jobs. At the end of the day, the cost of our products can be broken down to production, logistics, and a single salary for each of the multi-tasking members. We get to create what we want to ride, design, and build without the pressure of time. We do take our time perfecting our products, but we are always on time to delivery them.

Because of our method of operations, we are highly approachable. Customers and shops can reach out to us and talk to the engineer behind the products directly without having to deal with sales reps and front faces.

Welcome to the Tairin family.